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Post by noman on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:55 pm

set of accounts is like an essay,
where u move from an initial event towards certain end
where in between accountants can put so many tragics and drama
just like a Malay film, a short one can be twisted around to extend the show
and dont forget the complication associated.

accounting is like a story,
where it tells the movement of money and stock,
the ownership and liabilities,
there could be an epic going on,
nonetheless people perceive it as another scramble of numbers.

truly, there's more in accounting than just mere digits and symbols,
for those who look for the signs,
they will know what it is all about,
for those who refuse to search
will walk away and say,
"accounting ni buat pening kepala aje".

wallahu a'lam.. this, among others, is what made me fell in love with accountancy in the first place. and i really mean it in the first place, because the love seems fading away by time...

anybody else like to share theirs? alien

Kita hidup dengan apa yang kita dapat,

TETAPI kita membina kehidupan dengan APA YANG KITA BERI.

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